This is a tutorial resource for other game developers.
This project demonstrates random 2D map and image generation using map tiles. The tile system is known as Wang Tiles and is designed so tiles can be arranged randomly without breaking the picture or map.  This map is drawn using 32x32 pixel tiles arranged 15 tiles wide by 11 tiles tall.
I drew the animated tileset, #9. All others are 2-edge sets from this awesome site with tons of nfo on Wang Tiles, among other things...

press or hold keys 1-9 to see different tilesets

space bar also generates a new version of the current set

Here is tileset #9, animated chains and pulleys, the one I drew. I posted them here free for anyone to use..


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Very nice!  The Wang tiling is a clever idea. I'm not sure however if I would use an arrangement with this approach in a game, since the tracks look very disorganized.

Thanks for replying! Yes, you often want to use a subset of a complete tileset, or an altered set, etc. I am demonstrating full tilesets here. Also, these are called Edge Tiles as they match at edges but there other types, such as Corner Tiles. They will all have varying degrees of usefulness, but I think the underlying concept is handy for any game dev to know. I'm working on a stylized,  overhead, space smuggler/shooter this morning with a key feature of being able to zoom out for travel, battles, etc, or zoom in for ship repairs, to dislodge aliens, etc. How cool would it be if when you get to a planet, you have to go down to the surface. I could use Wang Tiles to generate terrain as you fly cross the surface to your destination, then switch to a platformer style once you are on the ground.
Also, I replied with a message on your Scratch profile, asking if you'd like to co-ordinate on a project via my Discord server but you didn't respond, so I'm guessing you didn't see it? Sorry I was so slow here, I'm not on here much unless doing a game jam or publishing something. I have done several cool projects lately but have shared few at Scratch.